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I’m With Him

By August 31, 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments
The LORD makes firm the steps
  of the one who delights in him;
though he may stumble, he will not fall,
  for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

Psalm 37.23-24

Many folks may think I’m insane. Many might think I’m imaging things. Many might even say I’m absolutely wrong. “About what?”, you ask.

I consistently experience the presence of the LORD in my life these days. Much more than in the past. My thoughts are frequently consumed with His purpose for me.

Hey – I’m not perfect! Let’s get that straight. There is a battle going on in me that won’t end until I transition from this life on earth to my eternal life in Heaven.

I’m learning more and more each day how to avoid defeat in this war for my soul. I keep my head in the game by praying (learning how to do that better) and reading Scripture and seeking fellowship with others on the same journey.

In this age of conflicting spiritual thoughts, keeping my mind on Christ is so important. So, when I encounter a temptation or contrary statement from another, I have a new response: “I’m with Him!” and point to JESUS.