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Grace Relearned

By March 24, 2020December 2nd, 2021No Comments

I finished reading Melissa Camara Wilkins’ book today entitled, “Permission Granted.” It’s the sub-title that prompted me to buy it: “Be Who You Were Made To Be and Let Go Of The Rest.” I was blown away by what Melissa wrote in this book. She writes as if I am the person being described in it. So, I now have two favorite authors – Kate Merrick and Melissa Camara Wilkins.

Here’s a paragraph from “Permission Granted” that speaks to me today:

Grace, you know, is what happens when love shows up in time and space. Grace is what love does in the world, in your life, in your soul. It’s love arriving, reminding you of who you are, and turning you back toward the truth of your belonging, right here, as you are. When you remember who you are, you can show up. You can be your whole self. Grace and truth and living in wholeness – they work together.

I learned about grace a few years ago after my first divorce. I was so fortunate to connect with others after my friend, David, invited me to his church. We were all learning the meaning of grace and love and forgiveness.

But then, I started to forget. Melissa describes it in her book. We forget because we are human. I let the striving for perfection and the world’s view of who I was supposed to be creep back into my life. I let my need to please others – so I would be liked – get in the way of who God had created me to be.

It’s been a three year journey since my second divorce but I have once again found that “grace”! I am learning that being perfect is a myth, a path with no destination. I am learning to be content with who I am and to stop being who others want me to be. You see, I was made to be “love” to the world. And, so were you!